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2022 FMF HT Dates:

FMF Spring Thing Unrecognized HT: April 24, 2022

FMF Aloha Recognized HT: July 24, 2022

FMF Fall Recognized HT: October 30, 2022 – Open for entries! – Register online via EventEntries or XEntry (No paper entries, please!)

Entries to Date for our 10/30/22 HT

Offering the following divisions at all of our HT!

Poles, Starter, Intro, BN, N, T/N, T, M/T

Please note that we require all riders to bring their own bridle tags/pins and pinney holders.

Awards: Prize and 8 ribbons awarded per full division (3+ starters).

NEW! $25 per entry goes into a jackpot pool for the top 6 finishers* at each USEA-recognized division:

1st receives 40%, 2nd receives 20%, 3rd receives 16%, 4th receives 12%, 5th receives 8%, and 6th receives 4%

*jackpot checks must be picked up in-person on the day of the show


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COVID-19 Information

Please consult the signs on the property for the most up-to-date policies.
General details can be found below.

Effective 5/1/22: Regardless of vaccination status, ALL persons MUST wear a mask (nose/mouth covering) when inside the PCUs (viewing rooms).

Everyone (regardless of vaccination status) MUST:

If you have tested positive for COVID (regardless of your symptom status), do not come to the farm for 5 days after testing positive or while still symptomatic.