HT Registration 101 for Fullmoonians!

March 23, 2023

If you’re getting ready to register for a HT, you probably have a lot of questions about how to register…

Hopefully this information will help!
Registration for FMF’s horse trials is done online at (“EE”). (You’ll need to make an EE account to register for a show.)
Please note the following tips specifically for FMF riders:
1) Trainer: Please enter Karen Fulton (You can search using USEA # 58956) as your trainer.
2) Waiver: Please leave the waiver upload blank. We will mark your waiver as completed because you’ve already done it as an FMF rider!
3) Coggins: Simply put, a Coggins is a piece of paper with the horse’s info on it. You must submit a copy of the Coggins every time you enter an off-site show, which is why this is required on EE. All FMF Coggins are in the white binder next to the desk in the office. They are alphabetical by show name, not by barn name (for example, Chuck will be under “December’s Chestnut Rain”). You should take a photo of the horse’s Coggins and upload the file when registering for a show. Tip: You can leave the Coggins upload blank when you register and add it later.
5) After you’ve registered: If you need to change your entry for any reason (e.g., change of horse or division, scratch due to injury) you MUST email the show secretary at We’re in the real horse show world now, so letting Ms. Christine, Ms. Karen, or myself know unfortunately isn’t enough. That being said, you should always consult one of us before you make any changes, so we can ensure everyone is on the same page!
6) Coaching Fee &/or Horse-Use Fee: You’ll need to drop off a check in one of the Payment Boxes at the farm. Coaching is $50 and Horse-use is $50; if paying both, please write one combined check for $100. Tip: Do this when you signed up on the sheet in the Grooming Barn, so you don’t forget!
7) To ensure your online entry has been accepted & is complete: Go to and click on “Entry Status here.”
8) Dressage Test: Your rider needs to learn the dressage test assigned for their division. A list of the tests for each division (complete with links to the tests!) is also on the FMF Horse Trials page. Tip: If you don’t own/lease a horse, sign up for a Practice Ride via Hopoti, so your rider can practice their dressage test! 
9) Ride Times: The week before the show, a link to the Ride Times will be posted on the FMF Horse Trials page. This is how you’ll know when your rider needs to do each phase of the horse trials. Tip: Ride Times are always subject to change. You’ll need to re-check your times the night before the show, and make sure the times are the same the morning-of when you pick up your show packet at the Chateau.

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COVID-19 Information

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General details can be found below.

Everyone (regardless of vaccination status) MUST:

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Please consult the CDC for current best practices.