Introducing Hopoti!

All lessons must be purchased, booked, and canceled online through the Hopoti platform. No need to play phone tag to schedule your lessons!

When you book your lessons, you will be prompted to pay online in order to reserve your lesson spots.

Please check out the FAQ section below! (Also available on the FMF page on!)

Stablecards allow you to purchase a set of lessons (9 group lessons, 3 private lessons, or 9 private lessons).

Only want to schedule one lesson? You can always pay the à-la-carte rate and book a single lesson, as long as there’s space in the lesson.

Need to cancel? As long as you give the required notice, you’ll receive a “Cancellation Card“, which can be used to select a makeup lesson.

Hopoti’s Help Center has many guides on everything from creating your account to booking & canceling lessons to receiving notifications when a spot opens up!

Still have questions? You can always click on the Chat button (in the lower righthand corner) on the Hopoti website to get in touch with their fabulous staff! (Please keep in mind that they are based in Finland, so 9am-12pm EST is the best time to reach them. If you don’t catch them right away, don’t worry– you’ll get a response in your email as soon as they reply!)

You are also welcome to reach out to us at 410-795-8371 or with any questions/concerns.

FMF Hopoti FAQ:

How do I purchase a set of lessons?
  1. Go to → Shop → Buy Stablecard.
  2. Click on your desired lesson set option (e.g., Set of 9 group lessons, Set of 3 private lessons).
  3. Click on “Add product to shopping list”.
    • Optional: You can also click “Show valid lessons” to see what lessons can be booked with this Stablecard.
  4. Click “Continue to payment method selection”.
  5. Enter your credit card info and click “Pay”.
How do I book/purchase a make-up/single/one-time lesson?
  1. Go to → Booking.
  2. Review the calendar for available private and group lessons.
    • If you are eligible for a lesson, it will be blue.
    • If you are ineligible for a lesson or it is full, it will be grey. (If you want to be notified if someone cancels, click on the grey lesson and turn on the “Subscribe to email” option for that lesson.)
  3. Review the lesson info and click “Continue booking”. (The spot will temporarily be placed on hold for 10 minutes, to allow you ample time to book the lesson.)
  4. Select your desired payment method.
    • You can select “Buy Stablecard”, “Buy a lesson”, or use an existing Stablecard credit.
    • Optional: You can also choose to add upcoming recurrences of the lesson.
  5. Click “Continue to payment method selection”.
  6. Enter your credit card info and click “Pay”.
How do I prevent my normal lesson spot from being filled by another rider (prior to my booking my next set)?
  1. We are working with Hopoti to create more strict lesson booking requirements.
    • In the meantime, please notify us at if this happens, and we will help you with a solution.
  2. Our top recommendation is to pay for your lessons in advance. Most people aren’t scheduling make-ups to take place 7, 9, 12, etc. weeks in advance. If you pay ahead once, then you can just pay every 3 or 9 weeks after that.
How do I book a make-up for a lesson that I missed prior to Jan. 1st, 2023?
  1. Please email with the date of your missed lesson(s). We will add a Stablecard credit to your account, so you can book your make-up.
Can I turn a group lesson into a private lesson, or a regular private lesson into a XC private (and pay the upcharge)?
  1. This is not an option via Hopoti at this time.
  2. If you’d like to do this, please email with the details of your requested reschedule. We will remove your group/private lesson Stablecard credit and send you an invoice through Hopoti for the difference in price.
How can I book a XC lesson?
  1. XC lessons will be added at a later date (closer to when the XC field is open for jumping).
How do I cancel a lesson?
  1. From your profile, click “Calendar”.
  2. Click on the lesson you wish to cancel.
    • Option 1: Click “Cancel booking”. (You will see a confirmation pop-up. Click “Cancel booking” again to receive your Credit, which you can use to book a make-up lesson.)
    • Option 2: Click “Transfer booking” if you wish to give the lesson to someone in your family. (Please note: You must be linked as a family account to use this feature.)
  3. Please note: If you cancel within 24 hours of the lesson time, you will not receive a Credit, but we still need you to cancel the lesson, so that we can plan accordingly.

What about last-minute illnesses, emergencies, etc.?
  1. First, cancel your lesson on Hopoti.
  2. Call us at 410-795-8371 or email Ashley at and let us know what the situation is (after you’ve canceled your lesson in Hopoti).
    • As always, if you notify us as soon as you know the rider isn’t able to come, we can make exceptions to the 24-hour rule and give you a credit to schedule a make-up.
Is there a Stablecard for the 10% discount set?
  1. No– There is no easy way to ensure people buy at the correct Stablecard price. (This would be very time-consuming & difficult to “police”.)
  2. If you’d like to receive the secondary set discount (available for sets that start prior to 2/1/23), please email us at to request a discounted invoice.
  3. The discount will be replaced with a WSt lesson credit effective 2/1/23. After each monthly WSt period (from the 21st of one month to the 20th of the next month), any WSt who has worked 12+ hours during that month will have 1 group lesson credit added to their account. (This is a higher value of $55 each month, versus $45 every 9 weeks.)
How can Working Student credits be applied to my lesson set?
  1. When you would like to enroll in your next lesson set & use your WSt credits, email us at
  2. You can book these lessons however far in advance as you’d like, as long as you have the hours/credits available!
How can I use FMF Bucks, Volunteer Logs, etc. towards my lesson set?
  1. Please place your FMF Bucks, Volunteer Log, etc. in one of the Payment Boxes at the barn with a note to indicate what you’d like to apply the credits towards (e.g., “Thurs. 5:30pm group set starting 4/13/23”).
What are rider skill levels?
  1. Skill levels allow us to ensure that riders select an appropriate lesson.
  2. Please note that the system currently doesn’t allow us to alter the rider skill level terms/descriptions. It is difficult to put abilities into words, so please adhere to the following as a guideline:
    • 0 – No experience: Rider is working on steering at the walk and/or trot. Rider is not yet eligible for a group lesson.
    • 1 – Beginner: Rider can steer at the walk & trot on their own. Rider may be beginning to canter. Rider may be able to jump small cross-rails up to 12″.
    • 2 – Basic skills: Rider can walk, trot, and canter around the entire arena on a variety of horses. Rider can jump up to 18″ on a variety of horses.
    • 3 – Advanced: Rider can walk, trot, and canter a large circle on a variety of horses. Rider can jump a course of 4 or more fences up to 2′ on a variety of horses.
    • 4 – Experienced: Rider can walk, trot, and canter a small circle on a variety of horses. Rider can jump a course of 8 or more fences up to 2’7″ on a variety of horses.
Why isn’t my rider’s skill level confirmed?
  1. We will only confirm a rider’s chosen skill level if their selection matches with our perspective of their abilities. (For example: If we believe you should be “4 – Experienced” and you select “3 – Advanced”, we will not confirm your skill level. Likewise, if we believe you should be “1 – Beginner” and you select “2 – Basic skills”, we will not confirm your skill level.)
  2. Please reach out to us at if you would like us to review your selected skill level.
Can messages be sent to multiple parent emails?
  1. Yes! Just add the other parent’s email to the child’s account— messages sent to the child’s account also go to the parent’s account.
How do I book a practice ride?
  1. Go to → Shop → Buy Service → Practice Ride. From there, you can select a 30-minute time slot and pay.
I own/full lease a horse. How do I book a free ride?
  1. Go to Buy Service Free Ride. From there, you can select a 30-, 45-, or 60-minute time slot.
I own/full lease a horse. How do I know if there is ring space for a free ride?
  1. You can determine ring availability by going to → Booking.
    • If there are two lessons booked and the outdoor arenas are too wet/frozen: There is no ring space.
    • If (1) there are fewer than two lessons booked OR (2) there are two lessons booked, but the outdoor arenas are rideable: There is ring space.
    • If you want to view how many riders are free riding at a certain time, click the “Free Rides and Lease Rides” calendar option.
Can I view who’s free riding when?
  1. No, you can see how many riders are riding at a certain time, but not who is riding. We recommend that you reach out to your friends to schedule a ride together!
For the purpose of booking free rides: How do I know if my horse is being ridden in a lesson?
  1. We have reached out to Hopoti to request this feature. In the meantime:
    • We ask that all free ride bookings are done in advance (prior to 8am the day-of). We will plan horse-use for lessons around your free ride schedule. If we run into any issues, we will contact you.
    • If you would like to make a last-minute booking for a free ride and want to make sure your horse is available, please contact us (either at and/or 410-795-8371).

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