2022-2023 Equitation Teams Announcement

August 2, 2022

We are excited to announce our Equitation League teams for the upcoming 2022-2023 season!


2022-2023 Full Moon Farm Equitation Teams



Vivian Donelson

Josie Janelli

Brooklyn Moore

Isabel Peeples

Jillian Snyder

Carolina Weikel


NCAEL “Adult” Team


Heather Roth (Div. 1)

Rachel Lloyd (Div. 2)


Division 1

Elizabeth Gibbons

Shelley Lynn


Division 2

Maryanna Cala

Mirrel Wothers


Division 3

Gina Franz

Margaret Kellogg


Division 4

Emily Jacobs

Meaghan Slade


Division 5

Beth Shotwell

Emily Stakem


Division 6

Christine Hryzak

Zellie Wothers


JEL 1 Team

Division 1

Eden Moges

Riley Sosebee


Division 2

Korin Brandt

Polly Tillman


Division 3

Sophia DeAndrea

Claire Spencer


Division 4

Ashlinn Anderson

Jillian Smith


Division 5

Scarlett Armstrong

Sara Reed


JEL 2 Team

Division 1

Carleigh Cook

Addison Lloyd


Division 2

Jonathan Hackam

Riley Lanham


Division 3

Hailey Klau

Rylie Perry


Division 4

Zoey Bucior

Chloe Spurgeon


Division 5

Abby Dannenfelser

Madeline Tabor

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