March Recap

April 4, 2021

It’s hard to believe 2021 is already 1/4 done!

Here’s what we’ve accomplished at FMF this month:

We’re excited to see what April holds for us!
An injured rider couldn’t keep SOL from winning a blue ribbon while down in Aiken, SC!
Riley & Chuck and Oliver & Ashley made it into the Equiery!
Roxy and Ashlinn are ecstatic about their new partnership!
Our riders had a great time playing polo down in Aiken!
We’re proud of our IEA teams for making it to Zones!

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COVID-19 Information

Please consult the signs on the property for the most up-to-date policies.
General details can be found below.

Effective 7/28/21: If you are NOT fully vaccinated, you MUST wear a mask (nose/mouth covering) when inside (in barns, stalls, Office, etc.).

Everyone (regardless of vaccination status) MUST:

At this time, parents/spectators are not permitted up at the grooming barn, unless their rider meets ANY of the criteria below:

  • 10 years of age or younger
  • has had fewer than 6 lessons here at FMF
  • is at the barn for a practice/lease/free ride

If a rider meets any of those criteria, ONE parent/spectator may accompany them to the barn.

At this time, parents/spectators are permitted to watch lessons from outside the arenas and/or from the PCUs.