Ms. Michelle’s Retirement Party


Nov 28 2021

Potluck signup:

Party from 1-4pm.

We are finally able to all get together and celebrate all that Ms. Michelle has done for her riders at Full Moon Farm over the last 20+ years! We are so grateful for all that she has done and the lasting impact she has had on all of us. Please join us in a celebration at the Chateau to express our appreciation to Ms. Michelle and share all of our favorite memories and stories from years past. We look forward to seeing you all there!

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COVID-19 Information

Please consult the signs on the property for the most up-to-date policies.
General details can be found below.

Effective 7/28/21: If you are NOT fully vaccinated, you MUST wear a mask (nose/mouth covering) when inside (in barns, stalls, Office, etc.).

Everyone (regardless of vaccination status) MUST:

At this time, parents/spectators are not permitted up at the grooming barn, unless their rider meets ANY of the criteria below:

  • 10 years of age or younger
  • has had fewer than 6 lessons here at FMF
  • is at the barn for a practice/lease/free ride

If a rider meets any of those criteria, ONE parent/spectator may accompany them to the barn.

At this time, parents/spectators are permitted to watch lessons from outside the arenas and/or from the PCUs.