Grooming Kits & Supplies

March 24, 2021

Attention all FMF riders!

Please note that starting April 1st, ALL* riders must bring the following items each lesson:

  • Helmet
  • Saddle Pad
  • Crop
  • Grooming Kit, containing the following:
    • Hoof pick
    • Curry comb
    • Hard brush
    • Soft brush

*Exceptions will be made for those who have been riding for less than 1 month. After 4 lessons, if you wish to continue riding, please purchase the items listed above.

And remember– Spring is coming! When the flies come out, we highly recommend bringing fly spray to protect both you and your horse! (No fly spray will be provided by the farm.)

If you have any questions about what to purchase, please ask!

We recommend that you go to the following stores:

Maryland Saddlery ​(14924 Falls Road, Butler, MD 21023; h​ttp://​

**We will be partnering with Maryland Saddlery to get kits together for our FMF riders! Be sure to mention that you ride at FMF when you go.

SmartPak​ (Online only; ​​

Dover Saddlery​ (​10 Fila Way, Sparks, MD 21152; h​ttps://​)