Volunteer Information
or how to have even MORE fun at FULL MOON FARM

The FMF Volunteer Program allows students, parents, and friends of Full Moon Farm the opportunity to volunteer at FMF events to learn more about the world of horse showing, and to earn hours for credit against lessons and entry fees. 

Here’s how it works: Check the website, the information board in the barn, and your email for volunteer activities. Sign up for a block of hours on the sign-up sheet – or, if there is not a sign-up sheet, contact Ms. Julie to let her know when you’ll be available. Record your hours on your Hours Log. Then when you have earned 10 hours, deduct the $36 from a payment and put both the log and check in the payment box as though it is money. Farrier services are excluded. You must be at least 10 years old to volunteer at an event without an adult. If you and your adult both volunteer, each of you earn hours.

Special Note to FMF Event Riders (this includes shows, PipeOpeners and Horse Trials):

FMF students riding in FMF events are required to give two hours of volunteer time to the event. As you know, we couldn’t do it without you. 

When you sign up – please write your working student and lesson times and any other time constraints for the day of the event in the column provided on the sign up sheet. I will do my best to schedule around them. There are a few work hours available the night before and early morning on event day. Unfortunately most of our needs occur during the event. I will schedule with your requests and ride times in mind. If you have a conflict on the day of the event you have the option of providing a responsible substitute (parent, sibling, friend…) to take your work hours for you. I appreciate your understanding as I work on scheduling and assignments.

Call or email Ms. Julie at 410-530-1569 or Quinn4286@comcast.net if you have any questions or need additional information.