50-minute lessons

Package of 9 lessons over 9 weeks
on a recurring day & time
(3-7 riders in a class; ongoing enrollment)

Single group lesson (We DON'T like to do this)
COST: $50

A minimum of 2 hours' notice via the farm telephone is required for cancellation

For adults and children

*Riders must be able to walk, trot, halt, and steer on their own before joining a group.*

30-minute lessons

Package of 3 lessons that must
be scheduled within 3 weeks
(usually on a recurring day & time)
TOTAL: $170

Single 1/2-hour private lesson:
COST: $65

A minimum of 24 hours' notice via the farm telephone is required for cancellation

For adults and children

*Recommended for children 6 and under*

30-minute lessons in the X/C Field
(Scheduled on a case-by-case basis, weather permitting)

Private X/C lesson
COST: $80

Semi-private X/C lesson (two riders)
COST: $60

A minimum of 24 hours' notice via the farm telephone is required for cancellation

30-minute one-time evaluation lesson

Required for riders new to FMF who wish to join a group.

A great way for anyone to determine whether horseback riding is right for them!

COST: $60

A minimum of 24 hours' notice via the farm telephone is required for cancellation

We offer a 10% discount on concurrent lesson sets (i.e., for people enrolled in 2 or more lessons per week):
$364.50 for a second group set
$153 for a second private set

Volunteering at our shows and programs for 10 hours earns riders a $36 discount.
These hours may be earned by any family member and given to any rider.

Working Students may use their hours to pay for an additional lesson set:
65 hours for a second group set
27.25 hours for a second private set

Please note that we have an "automatic renewal" policy for lessons: Once your set ends, a new set begins the following week. If you wish to discontinue lessons, please let us know before the end of your set.

Lesson payment is due by second lesson of your set. After the second lesson, there is an additional $10 late fee per week. Thus, if you pay on week 3, you pay $10 in late fees; on week 4, you pay $20 in late fees; and so on. If you are late on payment, we may not assign your horse until you pay, meaning you will be unable to ride.

In the event that you are unable to ride for more than 4 consecutive weeks due to an injury/surgery/illness, we can place your lesson set on hold. Please call us to discuss!

Once your lesson set has ended, missed lessons may not be made up. You will forego any lessons you have missed if you have not scheduled a make-up for them. We do not allow more than 2 make-up lessons in a set of 3, and no more than 3 in a set of 9.

We write your "lesson count" on the Lesson Board each day, in order to keep everyone on the same page. However, it is your responsibility to keep track of your lessons and when you owe money. If you believe there is an error in your lesson count, or your set is marked with a "$" (indicating you owe) and you believe you have paid, please call us right away.


30-60 minute "free rides" for our riders who wish to practice skills on their own

Riders must be able to groom and tack on their own.
Instructor approval required. Please speak to your instructor and/or call the farm line to inquire.

Practice rides must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.

COST: $45 or 8 Working Student hours

We offer quality care and a nurturing environment for all horses.
Our caring, professional staff provide daily stall cleaning, turnout, feed, water, and hay.

COST: $800 per month

We always have several horses available for full- or half-lease for our current students.
We offer both long-term and short-term leases, as well as the option to buy.

Click here for detailed boarding leasing info

Please contact Karen Fulton at (410) 795-8371 for more information.


We offer trailering and coaching at various off-site shows throughout the year.
Sign-ups will be posted in the barn prior to the events. Rates depend on the number of riders/horses attending.

Click here for more information on off-site horse trials.