FMF Farm Family Insurance Shows

May 7, June 4, July 9, August 6, & September 3, 2017
Shows Start at 9:00AM
Jumpers Will Not Start Before Noon.
Schooling allowed in the competition ring from 8:00AM to 8:45AM
Great series end prizes courtesy of Farm Family Insurance!


Full Moon Farm 1/4 Star 3-Day Event and Educational Seminars
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June 26 (PM) - 30, 2017





Full Moon Farm Aloha Horse Trials
July 23, 2017

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Special Aloha Rules

Everyone - Have fun and stay hydrated!

Spectators – Aloha wear strongly encouraged!



Jackets are excused. Solid colored shirt with collar and sleeves is enthusiastically recommended.

Intro and Starter must wear the solid colored shirt. They are strongly encouraged to adorn their horses in any way that “does not aid or impede the horse’s preformance”. There could be prizes…

Stadium and Cross Country

Helmets are never optional, but they could have flowers…

All riders are encouraged to adorn themselves and their horses in the Aloha spirit.

Hawaiian shirts for the jumping phases are 100% acceptable!

Horse adornment must “not aid or impede the horse’s performance” while still showing their sense of style.


USEA Recognized Horse Trials at Full Moon Farm
November 12, 2017


Past Results