April 7, 2019

Starter and Intro will ride
USDF 2019 tests A and C.
Copies of the tests are HERE

Still accepting entries with late fee

Entries to Date - Check yours!

Ride Times

FMF Schooling Times

Horse Trials - Combined Test - Unjudged Stadium and XC
available at Starter - Training
Judged Dressage - Test of your choice
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Dressage Test and arena sizes for HT and CT

PT/T- 2400m @ 450mpm. TN/N- 2200m @ 350mpm. BN- 1600m @ 300mpm. Intro-1200m Starter-800m.
All courses feature level appropriate rolling terrain and banks. Water on PT-BN, Intro - water optional.

Horse Trials Entries

Entry Fees
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Level or Dressage Test
Non Competing Horse on Grounds $26.00
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Other Amounts

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