FMF Farm Family Insurance Shows

May 7, June 4, July 9, August 6, & September 3, 2017
Shows Start at 9:00AM
Jumpers Will Not Start Before Noon.
Schooling allowed in the competition ring from 8:00AM to 8:45AM
Great series end prizes courtesy of Farm Family Insurance!


Full Moon Farm Aloha Horse Trials
July 23, 2017

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Special Aloha Rules

Everyone - Have fun and stay hydrated!

Spectators – Aloha wear strongly encouraged!



Jackets are excused. Solid colored shirt with collar and sleeves is enthusiastically recommended.

Intro and Starter must wear the solid colored shirt. They are strongly encouraged to adorn their horses in any way that “does not aid or impede the horse’s preformance”. There could be prizes…

Stadium and Cross Country

Helmets are never optional, but they could have flowers…

All riders are encouraged to adorn themselves and their horses in the Aloha spirit.

Hawaiian shirts for the jumping phases are 100% acceptable!

Horse adornment must “not aid or impede the horse’s performance” while still showing their sense of style.



Pay here using cc or PayPal
4% cc fee included
Ride fee $104.00
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Additional trip fee $10.40

July 30, 2017 at Full Moon Farm


Derby X format just added for July 30th Sunday! Big fun...chance to wear all that Aloha stuff we can’t wear at the recognized! Fundraiser for Woodge and Captain Jack to get to Burghley the end of August! Something for everyone!

Silent auction, food, drink....kissing booth with Ricky Bobby! 50/50 raffle!

Entry fee is $100 per horse/ rider...extra rides per horse and rider are only $10.


Bidding will be open on both Sundays July 23rd and July 30th..bidding closes at 3 pm the 30th.

*7 day stay in a house in Italy
*vacation stays in your choice of 4 locations at deeply discounted rates
*fly fishing for 4
*Ravens tickets
*hunt with GSVHounds
*Tour of Sagamore Farm for 10
*Backside Tour of Saratoga racetrack....and more!

Buck Davidson, Stephen Bradley, Sharon White, Kate Chadderton, Courtney Cooper, Jaclyn Burke have all donated lessons and various packages including over night stays with your horse.

Not an eventer? How about a dressage lesson w Phobe DeVoe? Polo lessons at the Congressional Polo Club?

We also have photo shoots with awesome photographers for both equine and human...

Horse sales evaluation, equine chiropractic session, equine dentist, equine massage even an animal communication session to see what your dog/cat/horse thinks of you!

*Nunn Finer has donated 5 beautiful bridles
*Top Rail Tack has given us a halter and a pair of MDC stirrups and much more..

*2 gift bags of Under Armour clothing
*Vera Bradley
*Fair Hill gift basket
*RRTP gift basket and more.....

*MDHT3 and Twilight Eventing, FADS Dressage show
*Waredaca Classic 3day
*Full Moon Classic 3day and fall recognized
*schooling passes to Sunset Hill and Full Moon

Other stuff:
*Amazon Echo
*lots of art from juried artists including Sherrill Cooper and Linda Luster
*custom made corn hole game
*selection of summer reading hardback
*Ian Stark autographed book and much more!

Prizes will be given in the following categories: Best use of Aloha wear, Best super hero costume, Cutest pair,
Ugliest pair, Largest get the idea...all for fun and to get the kid and horse to England!

YOU PICK IT COURSE...each jump will have 3 or 4 height options...5 to 8 show jumps then out to XC...
including the water jump...6 to 8 XC fences! Have up to 5 refusals at a jump before you need to pick another one.
Your horse need a buddy? Bring a friend to get a lead! Think you will be lonely? Bring a bunch of friends!
Starter to training heights! Something for everyone!


Want to help Woodge and Jack with a gift for their expenses?

Woodge has a PayPal account at for friends and family gifts.

Want to help Woodge and Jack with a tax deductible contribution?

Woodge has established grant eligibility with the American Horse Trials Foundation, Inc. The American Horse Trials Foundation was established in 1987 to assist 3-Day Event Riders and Organizers in raising tax deductible financial support for national and international competition. The AHTF is tax exempt pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Donations to the AHTF are fully tax deductible.  In 1996 the Bylaws were revised so that the Foundation could assist riders competing in the related disciplines of dressage and show jumping. By making your tax deductible contribution to the AHTF, you will be helping Woodge and Captain Jack realize their full potential.

For more information, you may contact the Foundation directly:

         American Horse Trials Foundation, Inc.
7913 Colonial Lane
Clinton, MD  20735-1908
Phone:  301-856-3064
Fax:  301-856-3065


USEA Recognized Horse Trials at Full Moon Farm
November 12, 2017

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