FMF Clinic FAQ

  1. Who am I riding?  Your tentative horse will be listed on the website.  There are no guarantees as to who you ride because some horses are better at some things than others. For example : Dakota DOES NOT play polo – ever, end of story – just ask him. Also, Murphy’s law states that someone will be lame or have a shoe off or something, then the whole thing gets mucked up.  The final horse list will be posted in the old grooming barn and on the events board on the day of the clinic. 
  1. What time do I arrive?  Your ride time will be posted online and on the events board.  You must be at the farm and tacking up a minimum of thirty minutes before your ride time. It is advisable to plan to be here early or late enough to watch other groups. It really adds to the experience to watch other riders and learn from them.  It is also easier to think about new stuff, if you are not sitting on a horse.
  1. What do I wear?  Dress neatly in a helmet, breeches, clean boots, and a neat shirt. You need to wear a vest in cross country clinics.  You do not need to wear your show clothes. NO TANK TOPS   A hairnet would be nice.  Dress for the weather.  Warm coats, warm socks and gloves are recommended when it is cold. Toe and hand warmers aren’t a bad idea either.  Collared shirts are mandatory for warm weather.
  1.  What does my horse wear?  First off your horse must be CLEAN!  NO MUD!  NO EXCUSES!  See rule 2.  Check the board for tack.  Neck straps if you are going cross country.  Riding crop is mandatory if you are jumping. If your horse doesn’t normally use one, ask Ms M or Ms K.
  1. How do I behave?  Be polite, respectful and helpful.  Listen to what the clinician has to say.  Try your best to do what he or she says, even if it is different that what you normally hear.  There are lots of ways to skin a cat.  You may ask questions in a positive manner, but try to wait until the end of the clinic if possible.  Feel free to ask your normal instructor about what you have heard.