Full Moon Farm's 2019 Spring Thing

Full Moon Farm, Finksburg, MD

4/7/2019 to 4/7/2019

Entry Status as of 04/06/2019 11:08 PM

Rider NameHorseDivisionBalance DueMissing ItemsStatus
Anderson, TootieCeltic ThunderON$0.00
  • Signatures
Bachman, KristinSave the TigersON$0.00 Complete
Barth, KamrynRedactBNH$0.00 Complete
Behari, MischaAzorean ConnectionDSG$0.00
  • Signatures
Bomse, EmmaFearless (Sin Miedo)INTOCT$0.00 Complete
Burns, LizzieDispicable MeINTROR$125.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Burns, VirginiaFMF Leo the LionheartedBNR$125.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Cala, MaryannaFMF GeoffreySTRCT$0.00 Complete
Campion, CoreySamsonXC$0.00 Complete
Campion, CoreySamsonXC$0.00 Complete
Campion, CoreySamsonSJ$0.00 Complete
Cavalluzzo-Clogg, KatieLeave a LegacyBNH$0.00 Complete
Cillo, MorganSierra AlphaINTROH$0.00 Complete
Cooper, SabinaDictate the TermsBNR$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Covert, KristineJeb StuartBNR$0.00 Complete
Crosby, JenniferMilesBNR$0.00 Complete
Dawson, JordanSummer BlueINTROR$0.00 Complete
Deiboldt, RileyNarcosBNR$0.00 Complete
Dhruv, AylahCover StoryINTOCT$0.00 Complete
Dhruv, AylahCover StoryBNRCT$0.00 Complete
Diaz, McKennaFlyin' The CoopINTROR$0.00 Complete
Distler, MalloryQuality AddictionON$0.00 Complete
Diz, SuzanneMaverickINTROR$0.00 Complete
Diz, SuzanneMaverickSJ$0.00 Complete
Fenstermacher, DawnRusty CharlieINTROR$0.00
  • Signatures
Fitzhugh, AliceSand DollarINTROR$0.00 Complete
Gilley, SamanthaFrankBNR$0.00 Complete
Gregg, EricaR Quick ArchBNH$0.00 Complete
Hansen, KathrynSocial Code TR$0.00 Complete
Harter, RobynMister EarlINTROH$0.00 Complete
Hayes, EmmaDorito Cooler RanchINTROR$0.00
  • Signatures
Held, JessicaCamilleINTROH$0.00 Complete
King, AmandaNovaBNR$0.00 Complete
Kurtz, WillowRH Rowdy BoyBNR$0.00 Complete
LaBarre, HollyCalypso's DestinyINTROR$0.00 Complete
Levesque, JennaFMF BillyINTROH$125.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Lindsay, CarlaChuckINTROR$0.00 Complete
Lobel, CourtneyTrustINTROR$0.00 Complete
Loichinger, JaimeDunagan NealaBNR$0.00 Complete
Long, JenniferPrim Not ProperDSG$0.00 Complete
Long, JenniferPrim Not ProperXC$0.00 Complete
Long, JenniferPrim Not ProperSJ$0.00 Complete
Mallet, VeroniqueSouthern BayBNR$0.00 Complete
Mallon, DaneHeliosDSG$0.00 Complete
Mallon, DaneHeliosXC$0.00 Complete
Mallon, DaneHeliosSJ$0.00 Complete
Martinez, MatthewCall Me ChuckXC$0.00 Complete
Martinez, MatthewCall Me ChuckSJ$0.00 Complete
McNally, MelissaLand of JewelsSJ$0.00 Complete
McNally, MelissaLand of JewelsSJ$0.00 Complete
Mohn, MadelineHail to the ThiefINTOCT$0.00 Complete
Moyer, AdriannaLittle DebbieINTROR$0.00
  • Signatures
Moyer, JennyAzorean ConnectionINTROH$0.00
  • Signatures
Myers, PaytonTekkenisticBNR$0.00 Complete
Naganna, RinaFMF RuckusSTRCT-$60.00 Complete
Namrow, RachelVelvet N SatinBNR$0.00 Complete
Newell, GregoryTwirlerINTROR$0.00 Complete
Nicholson, JacquelineWilloughby Wallaby WooBNR$0.00 Complete
Ong, Hannah Pirate CaptainOSTART$0.00 Complete
Ong, Hannah CMA Pop TarrtTN$0.00 Complete
Petterson, BethPrince IdesOSTART$0.00 Complete
Plaut, KateHigh LevelINTROR$0.00 Complete
Quinn, Kelsey AnnFMF Sir WinsomeBNH$0.00 Complete
Quinn, Kelsey AnnDandy LonglegsPTCT$0.00 Complete
Rachlinski, KatherineFMF Pumpkin PatchINTROR$0.00 Complete
Reiman, LauraBodyshotsBNR$0.00
  • Signatures
Ries, HaleyIsabellaINTROR$0.00
  • Coggins
Ruths, Donald J. "Boo"K-2BNR$0.00 Complete
Ruths Jr, Donald G.CopperBNR$0.00 Complete
Salvitti, LaurenThe Roan RangerINTROR$0.00
  • Signatures
Schwartz, SamanthaPretty in PinkINTROR$0.00 Complete
Schwartz, SamanthaPretty in PinkBNRCT$0.00 Complete
Sendak, Courtney DGE Swipe RightINTROH$0.00 Complete
Shotwell, AliseFMF SOLINTROR$0.00 Complete
Smith, AmandaMister SiegfriedBNH$0.00
  • Signatures
Somers, Conrad IllustrationON$0.00 Complete
Somers, Conrad Get Away MoneyBNR$0.00 Complete
Sommer, BrittanyFavor House AtlanticINTROH$0.00 Complete
Temple, AmyStan's StarletBNR$0.00 Complete
Vilmer, AurelieChakra De La NeePT$0.00 Complete
Vilmer, AurelieFemme de JoieBNH$0.00 Complete
Vilmer, AurelieStretch FourTN$0.00 Complete
Weber, GabrielleBay Meadow's Platinum SandyINTOCT$0.00
  • Coggins
Whipp, KellyBoiling PointINTROR$0.00
  • Coggins
Whitehead, SarahReputationINTROR$0.00
  • Coggins
Wolod, RowanDances in CahootsINTOCT-$35.00 Complete
Wyper, HannahCall Me ChuckSJ$0.00 Complete
Zabarenko, LeahA Real CooleyINTROR$0.00 Complete